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If you don’t think Corgis are one of the most adorable things on the planet you’re wrong

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The First Time Carson Sleeps Over at Aaron’s House


Carson got in a fight with his mom. Big surprise, he thinks as he drives mindlessly around town. He doesn’t even remember most of it, he just knows it started with him refusing to eat peas because he hates them and his mother took it personally. Then it ended with them screaming at each other about his refusal to take anti-depressants with it finally ending after Carson slammed the front door shut behind him.

So now he’s driving. He isn’t sure where he’s going to go, maybe he can wait long enough for her to fall asleep before he sneaks back into the house. Or maybe he’ll sleep in his car. Or maybe he’ll call his dad — no that’s a stupid idea.

But he picks up his phone from where it sits on the passenger seat and thinks… for the first time he has friends. Well, he has people in his life he’s friendly with. Malerie. And Aaron. He might as well take advantage of it.

He opens his list of contacts. He knows Aaron has told him he’s a night owl, always stays up well past midnight, so he’ll still be awake. Malerie might be sleeping but she’ll be quieter, she’ll ask less questions.

He debates which one to call.

He dials.

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Hello! I had far too much time on my hands  (read: i procrastinated the shit out of everything I had due) and this comprehensive fic rec ensued. This is a collection of Blaine-centric Hurt/Comfort fanfiction. There may be other pairings here, as well as a variety of other genres. The only thing that matters is that Blaine will be physically hurt, sick or injured in some capacity.
I have not by any stretch included every fanfic that includes these qualities, so please if you have a favorite fic that features our favorite boy please let me know!
-Ari (anderwolves)
****Also, there are many fics that graphically mention TRIGGER producing material (ie. cutting, suicide, gun violence). Please, I beg of you, if these materials bother you please heed the warnings and do not read. I will star (***) each title that mentions or vividly describes the actions. Thank you!!****

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Kurt changes his seat when ND go to performe
and he takes sam’s (former beside blaine’s)

Kurt changes his seat when ND go to performe

and he takes sam’s (former beside blaine’s)

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all-time favorite CB scenes ~ requested by anon


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